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Bask in the brilliant benefits of 52 crystals as you build 52 meaningful crystal relationships. This workbook and guide helps you develop delightful connections with crystals in record time, using personal questions, crystal dating profiles, fun memory tricks and original artwork provided for each of the magical stones.

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What's Inside the Crystal Guide?


52 Stunning Collages

Enjoy original artwork that pulls you into the mood and feel of each crystal. Photos of each crystal in the author's personal collection also included.

52 Dating/Friendship Profiles

Get to know each crystal as a friend, not just a rock, exploring their nicknames, merry mantras, healing properties, favorite songs, activities, foods, essential oils and more.

104 Personal Worksheets

Journal about your own personal connection with each crystal on two included worksheets for each crystal, with room for notes and art.

52 Fun Crystal Facts

Discover fascinating facts about each crystal, like how iolite was taken on Viking journeys for its ability to help navigate direction.

52 Quick Memory Tricks

Swap rote memorization for creative association tricks to remember top qualities of each crystal.

BONUS: Crystal Chakra Chart

See which crystals align with which chakras at a glance (on a groovy skeleton chakra chart).

About the Author

Ryn Gargulinski is an award-winning writer, artist, dog lover, and professional coach who recently took the full-fledged plunge into the world of crystals. While she always wanted to learn more about these magical stones, she felt intimidated by the sheer number of crystals and overload of information. So she picked 52 crystals for starters, creating tricks, tips and artwork to make learning about them more meaningful and fun -- and then turned it into a book.

Ryn holds a BFA in Creative Writing and an MA in English literature from Brooklyn College. She's also dual-certified in life and recovery coaching, a certified Reiki practitioner and proud parent of two obnoxious dogs. She lives with her furry kids, beau and 52+ crystals in Tucson, Arizona.  

What People Are Saying


Reader and fan

The artwork is AMAZING, and the crystal profiles delightful. What an enchanting way to learn.


Reader and fan

When Ryn first told me about her idea for a book on crystals, I knew I was in. It's truly a unique way to enjoy crystals.

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Rynski Recovery Club | Tucson, AZ